Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation Services

Signature Offering

AEIO: Aligned, Engaged and Innovative Organisations

Successful business transformation does not come from developing a great strategy. It is not simply a case of developing an excellent culture. It is not the result of having a compelling value proposition. It is not having the right performance metrics. It is not the quality of your people, your processes or your systems, nor the quality of your data.

Each one of these is crucially important, but each one alone is only part of the puzzle. Focusing on one of these without developing the others may in fact make things worse. Successful business transformation comes from an alignment of ALL of these items, working together in a synergistic fashion to create unstoppable momentum in the organisation where long and short term success not only feels possible; it feels inevitable. 

But it’s not easy… Fifteen years of constant research and development into the alignment of strategy, team dynamics, process excellence, metrics, systems, culture and leadership have brought me to the point whereby I now have a mature, repeatable method for helping organisations to transverse the journey from what Jim Collins called ‘Good to Great’.

I call it AEIO – Aligned, Engaged and Innovative Organisations, and it is my signature offering. 

So – is your business strategically and functionally aligned, passionately engaged and devastatingly innovative? If not, but that sounds like a place you’d like to work, then call me for a no-obligation chat about how I can help you get (and stay) there. From delivering executive overviews, through to on-site training and finally, when you are ready, to full, rapid implementations that make you the mover and shaker in your industry – I can adjust the content to fit your needs, time-frame and budget.  

When you’re ready to be the best, I'm ready.

Services Overview

We have certain areas of thought leadership and methodologies that have been developed to enable the rapid realisation of value, such as:

Strategy Development, Segmentation and Business Alignment

Redefine your business models. Segment the business into Value Chains, with clearly defined customers, strategy and KPI’s. Create customer focus across the end-to-end Value Chain, and align commercial, operations and Supply Chain activities. Develop a ‘Total Value Chain profitability’ mindset – not just a functional cost cutting one. Align the planning and execution elements of the business.

SCOR® – Health-checks, Benchmarking & Training

Sean is a member of the Supply Chain Council European Leadership Team and a SCOR-P Certified practitioner and the UK's only SCOR Master Instructor. This enables him to use the global standard SCOR process framework and SCORmark benchmarking service to: Map processes, Design standard approved metrics, Assess Best Practice usage, and maturity Benchmark your business.

Cultural Analysis and Transformation

Understand your culture – its strengths and weaknesses. Learn where it needs to improve, and how to do it. Turn your culture into a competitive strength Unleash the capabilities of your team.

SAP Benefits Realisation

Maximise the value from your SAP investment – understand the ‘art of the possible’. Educate the team on how to manage the business using SAP, and unleash its true potential. Learn how to use ERP to create Supply Chain visibility and identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities. Transform your SAP system from being seen as a constraint, to a source of competitive advantage.

Team Effectiveness, Integration and Process Optimisation

Break down the silos to reduce fire-fighting and improve planning and prevention. Remove cross-functional conflicts and compromises. Align metrics and behaviours to remove losses and create new levels of performance. Turn your functions into a highly effective and customer focused teams.

Customer Service & Profit Optimisation

Improve Reliability, Responsiveness, Agility. Understand and reduce the cost-to-serve. Stop paying service penalties, losing sales and pouring £££ down the drain. Improve planning accuracy, reduce stock obsolescence and optimise inventory.

Bespoke Supply Chain Improvement Projects

S&OP implementation Organisational Maturity Assessments and Benchmarking Continuous Roadmap development Cross-process alignment. Supply Chain strategy. Team Effectiveness. Cost to Serve Measurement and Improvement. SAP Optimisation. Service improvements Lead Time reductions.

Consulting with sean:

When you're ready to be great, he's ready to help.

20 years of focused effort on understanding the challenges preventing organisations from successfully reaching their project, performance and financial goals, has enabled Sean to be able to offer a number of ways to help companies become more effective, efficient and profitable.

From undertaking a maturity assessment of your organisation that enables you to evaluate where the constraints to growth may be, and how to resolve them – through to understanding your customers better and aligning the business in order to deliver excellence at every stage – Sean can help.

Organisations are perfectly aligned to get the results they get... so maybe it’s time to align them for success!



“I had the pleasure of working with Sean on a number of different projects. His knowledge and understanding of supply chain best practice is second to none, and uses this knowledge to help businesses extract maximum value out of their SAP enabled supply chains. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Peter Dent
Business Improvement Specialist
Transformation & Turnaround

“Sean presents a fascinating and compelling picture of the end-to-end supply chain of the future, from raw material extraction all the way through to the creation of new channels to market. He draws on real-life applications to demonstrate that innovation and disruptive technologies are already being leveraged in different sectors and geographies, and highlights the potential impact this may have on the world of work. The end result is a new and scary awareness that the future is already here, but not yet evenly distributed.”

Professor Alan Waller OBE
International President
of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Sean has great commitment and integrity. I have had the pleasure of working with him in the Leadership team of the Supply Chain Council. Sean was a person that could be relied on - always. Furthermore, his ability to participate and add value to the content of the work was exceptional. He continues to give generously of his time and knowledge. I am honoured to have worked with Sean and trust that I will be able to continue to do so.”

Alyda le Hane
Regional Director SDi Africa and Middle East

“Sean is a highly accomplished management consultant with an in-depth knowledge of supply chain and a passion for business. I have had the pleasure of working with Sean for 4 years, where he has provided a range of services to myself and my team at BAE Land Systems; from leadership and SCOR training, to SAP advice and strategic support. Sean is a true professional, will always go the extra mile, and is a pleasure to do business with. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any business wishing to use his services.”

Gavin Hartland
Head of Supply Chain Development
BAE Systems

“I recruited Sean and his team to help improve the control of the SAP enabled Supply Chain within a c£500m turnover Defence business. Sean rapidly understood the root causes of the issues we were facing, and what processes, roles, responsibilities, and systems activities were needed to resolve them. When others would have simply gone for the quick win and addressed the symptoms, Sean was passionate about resolving the root cause by transforming the behaviours and capabilities of our teams, focusing our efforts on delivering greater value to our customers. Although working in one or two pilot areas, the enthusiasm and commitment that he and his team created carried over to other parts of the business, and we developed a 'self-help' culture, with best practices being shared from team to team. The starting point for our stakeholder community was more anti-change than any I have encountered in 28 years of business consultancy but I can honestly say that I have never seen any change programme develop the degree of 'pull' from a user community that was ultimately generated on this project. A phenomenal behavioural and attitude turnaround! Throughout the engagement Sean acted with integrity, passion and strived for excellence in what was at times a difficult and very challenging working environment”

Dawn Dobson
Programme Manager
NHS Shared Business Services

“Having coached Sean on Business Presentation Skills I was struck by his detailed knowledge of the pitfalls of major implementations, his understanding of the cultural issues involved in any major capital expenditure programmes and his ability to cut through to the heart of the matter. Here is a consultant who is trustworthy, valid and focussed on the clients best interests - a rare breed!”

Mike Sullivan
MSA Mike Sullivan & Associates

Business Transformation Services


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